Vidal Herrero

Software engineer

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Vidal Herrero - Software Engineer - Web designer

Software Development

Web designer


Digital Marketing

Software Engineer, Web Designer, Digital Marketing and Custom Projects, I can guide you to sell better and increase your income.

Navarro Abogados

Vidal is a very involved professional. We have been collaborating for 4 years and we are fully satisfied with his work.

GSL Consultoría

He helped us a lot with his consultancy work and errors solving. We recommend Vidal with no doubt.

About Vidal

I am a software engineer with 18 years of work experience in software development and marketing. As an engineer I can bring discipline and order, and as a marketing specialist I add creativity and intuition.

I am also a BJJ black belt, my other passion

I started as a C developer, I think C/C++ language is the source of all modern languages. I have been developing for large companies for many years, until I became a freelance 5 years ago.
From that moment I have been working as web designer and software development, digital marketing, web maintenance, migrations, … In summary, everything related to marketing and quality software development
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Work Selection

Web design , digital marketing and custom development project

Navarro Abogados

Web Desgin, Consultancy, Custom Software Development, Digital Marketing, Maintenance

Web design , and web development project

Web design, Consultancy

Custom development project


Web Maintenance, Consulting, Custom Software Development, Digital Marketing


Throughout the years I have developed some skills that allowed me to finish projects successful:
  • JavaScript
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Several clients of Web designer Vidal
Several clients of Web designer Vidal