Actusegur is a company specialized in increasing the results of companies with a large volume of clients. Actusegur contributes in any phase of the collection process, optimizing client companies results and creating loyalty to customers with incidents.

They have a customized CRM application. The need was to perform a predictive and corrective maintenance of the application source code, as well as developments of new features.

Additionally, I carried out website maintenance tasks.


Actusegur S.L


Custom Development, Maintenance, Web Design.

Corrective and preventive maintenance of the customized tool is performed. Additionally, continuous improvements are being made in this application to adapt it to the new needs that arise. 

A website security audit and plug-in updates have also been carried out .

The reason for these changes is to improve the performance and performance of the collection management tool. 

As well as maintaining the website with a modern and updated appearance. Taking advantage of it to capture emails. 

CRM Application

It helps Actusegur manage clients, collections, and records. 

The following tasks are performed:

  • Corrective maintenance (resolution of errors) 
  • Preventive maintenance
  • Development of new functionalities
  • Database Tuning
  • Peripheral backups and operating system administration

Responsive Website

The website is adaptable to any device and responds correctly on tablets and mobile phones

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