Begin to improve your online sales process

Digital Strategy

From a complete marketing plan, planning a “SMART” strategy with specific, measurable, and achievable objectives in specific times, to plan specific Google Ads campaigns, or Facebook Ads, I can help you in your marketing project to improve your sales. 

We will analyze the scene, we will understand which are your target audience, I will draw conclusions and depending on them we will act to sell better.

What is selling better? It is reducing sales processes, reaching more potential customers, automating follow-ups, finding better customers …  

And what is really important in marketing, measure, measure and measure. I will send Periodic reports of all actions and campaignsto you, to be able evolve these campaigns based on the results. 

Google Ads

I can create your Adwords campaign in a meticulous and professional way, to help you to achieve your goals and make your investment profitable. A well-configured Campaign can become the most efficient system for capturing customers and quality clicks.

If you already have active campaigns, I can help you understand them better and focus your PPC strategy in the best possible way. If you have a Campaign created that does not work, I would love to analyze it to understand what may be failing and offer solutions.

All of them guaranteeing income increase, what they call “ROI”, to sell more and better.


Facebook has amply demonstrated that it is a very useful tool for reaching potential customers. In fact, Facebook is no longer a Social Network but a content distribution network.

The power it offers is the great segmentation of its public by which the goals of the campaigns can be defined very specifically, saving costs.

I can help you with the analysis, configuration, testing and optimization of your Facebook campaigns, choosing the best way to do it is part of my task and for that you hire me. And remember, the main objective is to sell more and better


E-mail marketing is one of the most direct channels that exist when communicating a message on the Internet.

It is a bidirectional channel in which two actors are involved: the sender (the one that sends the mail to its subscribers) and the receiver (each subscriber that receives that message). There are no interferences, as for example it can happen in social networks or google searches, where there are many distraction points (announcements, videos, comments, etc.).

In addition, through Automation, amazing results can be achieved. I will help you promote products and services, build customer loyalty, and save money and resources through this tools.


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